Wills Planner

Our Vision, Mission and Reminder


The mission of Grateful Living / PGTS is to encourage and assist constituent members of the Georgia-Cumberland Conference in making present gifts, legacy gifts and endowment gifts that support the mission and ministry of the Georgia-Cumberland Conference of Seventh-day Adventists.


We fulfill this mission through:

  • Stewardship teaching
  • Estate planning
  • Seeking to accommodate the donative desires of our members.
  • Media promotion of the GCC mission
  • Personal finance training and coaching


  1. INTEGRITY: We will act with integrity in all our actions, contacts with constituent clients and each other.
  2. OPENESS: We are committed learning from others and to consider any method available to fulfill this mission.
  3. CREATIVITY: We continuously stress creativity by our team while remaining true to our mission.
  4. EFFECTIVENESS: We will question any practice and procedure for effectiveness and relevancy to mission and embrace new practices that better support mission.
  5. COLLABORATION: We welcome collaboration with all other ministries and departments of the Georgia-Cumberland Conference.